Good restaurant service starts with great communication.

We handle your customer's orders

From the moment they sit down, your customers will be able to order without having to wait for an available waitress. They simply scan the table's QR code and start ordering right away. Then, at the push of a button all ordered items are routed to the appropriate staff - cocktails to bartenders, food items to chef(s), and soft drinks to servers.

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Your customers will love the faster service

Your staff will perform more efficiently.

Mistaken orders will be a thing of the past. Staff members will be able to focus on delivering top-notch service instead of standing idle trying to find things to do.

Why us?

Lightning-fast Ordering
Ordenaki allows your customer to quickly order from his or her phone and send the order directly to the chef, the bartender, and any available waitress in real time.
On-Demand Service
Ordenaki allows your customer to request service at the push of a button from his phone (or restaurant provided tablet).
Turbo-charged Efficiency
Ordenaki improves efficiency by cutting down employee idle time as well as tracking every order they handle.
Order Tracking
Ordenaki allows your customer to track his or her order status as it's being prepared.
Easy to use
Ordenaki customers love our clean design and easy-to-use interface, making ordering super easy and fun.
Measurable Profits
Ordenaki will undoubtedly improve your business processes and your bottom line, putting more money in your pocket.

Our success is only as good as your success. Contact us for a demo today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are customer payments collected?
Collecting payment remains 100% under your control. Servers are notified when the customer wishes to checkout at which point the server collects the payment the old fashioned way. Your own credit card terminal is used thereby saving you online processing fees and the trouble of waiting for a third party to fund your account.
How much does your system cost?
While we don't publish our rates, we can assure you that it is very affordable no matter what size restaurant/bar you operate. We will gladly discuss this with you. Our goal is to help you succeed - if you don't succeed, neither do we.
Can your system integrate with our POS?
Yes! Ordenaki can export data from its database into any format required by a POS. If your POS doesn't accept external data, a printout of Ordenaki orders can be entered into your POS.